About Us

Top Steel Corporation is guided by four Core Values:

SAFETY: We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and all those associated with our company. ISO9000 has become a living standard for us, serving to uphold safe working conditions and processes, while granting the satisfaction of having an extensive and established system.

INTEGRITY: We are grounded in the belief that integrity shines in the corporate world. We conduct business with integrity and in an ethical manner. We believe in earning and maintaining the trust and respect of clients, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities.

QUALITY: Top Steel Corporation is committed to focusing on supplying our customers with cost effective quality products and services. In order to achieve the highest possible quality standards in our industry we strive to advocate the following quality values:

  • Provide dynamic leadership in a work environment that encourages employee involvement
  • Partner with our suppliers to develop quality products that will exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Promote systems and processes that standardize quality definitions and expectations
  • Deal honestly and fairly with clients, suppliers, employees and governments

INNOVATION: We believe innovation must serve our company and our clients. Each job process and cost is analyzed to ensure we are creating innovative solutions every day. Striving to be a leader in custom fabrication means we must constantly evaluate how to serve our clients better.